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Project Description

Click Bond Building 51


Location: Carson City, Nevada
Size: 10,000 square feet
Completed: 2016

Project Architect: Jeff Frame Architecture
Engineer / Design: Paul Ferrari, structural engineering; Manhard Conulting, civil engineering
Design Build Sub-Contractors: RHP Mechanical, Paradigm Electric

Building 51’s renovation included a unique ground source high efficiency heating and cooling system, Carson City’s first non-geothermal ground source system, designed especially for use of available groundwater on Click Bond’s campus. Miles of pipes and 75 wells dug 250-300 feet down under the tarmac of the Carson City airport circulate water kept a fairly constant 70 degrees underground throughout the building’s HVAC system. Specially designed ducting was built into the arching support beams in the conference space, reflecting the sleek interior of an aircraft. No gas is used in the building, and all lighting is high efficiency LED, significantly adding to the building’s energy efficiency.